Experience a healthier
& happier life when
you Ditch the SAD!

Just what is the SAD and
why should we DITCH it?

The SAD is the Standard American Diet. It is the current modern diet that most of us have grown up on and many still exist on. It is a diet devoid of real whole nourishing foods. Instead, it is filled with heavily processed, refined and fake foods.

SAD is an appropriate acronym for this lifestyle as many people are sadly eating their way towards inevitable disease, mental disorders and pain.

However, I believe that we can change the path we are on! I believe that we can do this in the most simple of ways through making good decisions about what we put into our mouth and bodies at each and every meal.

I encourage you to join me as I help share with you how to Ditch the SAD. Instead, experience the richness of a healthy life through nutrition!

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Nourishing Traditions
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