Are you the PROACTIVE or the REACTIVE Type?

Wow!  It has been a busy couple of weeks for me.  We have been in the middle of finally moving into a home that we have been renovating for the past 7 months.  Anyone out there who has ever moved can relate to the overwhelming trial of having to put EVERYTHING into boxes and then having to take EVERYTHING out of boxes!!!  It has been quite an ordeal.

Additionally, smack in the middle of our move, we came to learn of an unexpected health issue that one of our dear friends had come to face.   Our friend had gotten a mystery infection that had gone to his heart and had damaged the aortic valve in his heart.  At only 40 years old, our friend was faced with the necessity of open heart surgery and valve replacement.  When these life changing events happen, they tend to stop one completely in their tracks!

I have made frequent visits to our friend in the hospital over the past few weeks.  On one particular visit, as I stood and waited for the elevator to arrive, I couldn’t help but analyze the other people waiting around me.  It was quite interesting, actually!   One man stood with a beverage carrying case with 4 large cups of freshly squeezed juices from the Daily Juice (an organic juice shop in our area) while another man had a bag of greasy McDonalds.  I couldn’t help but internally chuckle at the extreme differences between these two men!  I silently applauded the man with the organic juices while chastising the poor man holding the bag of McDonalds!  Yes! I WAS being judgmental!  We were in a hospital after all!!! Sick people (ALL people actually) should be getting the BEST nutrition – not fake greasy Frankenfoods!

I thought about this man with the juice and wondered if he was being REACTIVE now that his loved one was in the hospital.  Or, had this man always been focused on good nutrition with a PROACTIVE approach….It was a mystery to me.   I had to hold myself back from actually letting my curiosity get the better of me and asking him!

Regardless, it got me thinking about how we have the CHOICE in life.    We can CHOOSE to be PROACTIVE and feed our bodies well to help PREVENT illnesses and diseases that may put us in the hospital.   Or, we can be REACTIVE, and once the illness and disease catch up to us we can try to REACT with great nutrition to fight the illness.  Worse yet, we could choose to be like the man holding the greasy bag of McDonalds and continue to be IGNORANT about nutrition and its impact on health.  The ignorant path is a definite set-up for misery and illness.

Whether it is easy to admit or not, the truth is that whatever we put into our mouths and our bodies WILL MOST CERTAINLY  have an impact on our health!  Maybe you won’t see the impact immediately, but over time your body will surely let you know how you have been treating it.  Food is very powerful and it will either contribute to your well being or it will be detrimental.  There are only these two categories.

So the question that you need to ask yourself is which one are you?  Are you the PROACTIVE type or the REACTIVE Type? 

Never before in history have we had so much information at our fingertips!  You can learn and CHOOSE to better your health through knowledge concerning good food choices!  I encourage you to take the time NOW to PROACTIVELY care for your body, as well as those depending on you, such as your family!

These past few weeks I would give myself a B in terms of being PROACTIVE regarding my nutrition!  I knew in advance that our move was coming up so I did make several DOUBLE batches of meals and had them ready and waiting in my freezer for us as I knew that my time would be limited in terms of food prep.  However, I did fall short for my family on a few occasions and did act REACTIVELY.  We did eat out at not so great restaurants a few times as we were coming back from a hospital visit or an errand concerning our move.

I will note that my husband mentioned several times how different he felt the next day after eating a meal less nutritious the night before!  It is interesting the way that nutrition works.  The body actually gets used to feeling a certain way!  When you treat it well with good food your body will run smoothly.  Yet, when you deviate you will FEEL the difference.

The same is true for when we eat consistently poorly.  The body adapts and you can get used to feeling less optimal when eating bad food on a day to day basis.  You actually feel “normal” but your “normal” is NOT good!  Your body has just adapted to feeling bad so that you can function in your day to day.  You certainly are not caring for yourself optimally in this situation.  Don’t you think that you DESERVE more?  Don’t you think that you DESERVE better?

As I wrap up my thoughts this Monday, I really encourage you to ask yourself the question regarding what you want to be.

  • Do you want to be PROACTIVE with your health through nutrition and live as healthy as you can in your life? 
  • Or do you want to be REACTIVE to the hand that life deals you. 

It is all up to you and you have complete control over this aspect of your life



I choose to be PROACTIVE!  If that is your choice, take a minute and look at my NUTRITION tab and learn about good healthy options for you.   If you are a member, you can follow my WEEKLY TRANSITION PLAN to easily and slowly transition your diet over to healthy choices over a period of roughly 5 months.  Members can also follow my Weekly Meal Plans to help get ideas for balanced nutrition throughout the week.  If you need some great recipe ideas, follow me on PINTEREST!  I have awesome recipes compiled that are packed with both nutrition and taste!!!!

Enjoy your life and take care of your body!  Be good to it and be PROACTIVE!

Blessings & health,



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