CHEW Your Juice! Why JUICING Might Not Be The Best For You…..

Juicing…the fad that will always be in vogue!  Many of us have been there.   We have felt unhealthy due to over-indulgence in not-so-healthy foods or beverages, so we have sought out a magical remedy to fix the problem.  Many find their quick-fix to be juicing.

However, a lot of my clients find themselves somewhat shocked by my stance on traditional juicing.  Traditional juicing is where a fruit or vegetable is pressed or shredded to remove all pulp and leave only the juice.  However, this type of juicing is not ALWAYS the best for a person’s health.  Don’t misunderstand me;  I do believe that AT TIMES traditional juicing is very beneficial – especially in detoxing.  However, traditional juicing where all the pulp is removed can be detrimental to health in certain people – especially in people with sugar sensitivities.


Confused yet?

Let me clear things up by talking about nature.  Nature gave us fruits and vegetables in their whole form.  We were made to eat these foods in their whole form – as nature intended.   When we eat fruits and veggies in their whole form we are getting pulp and fiber to help slow down the absorption of natural sugars in these foods.  When we juice in the traditional way, we remove the pulp and fiber.  This allows for easier digestion due to the lack of fiber slowing down the assimilation of the nutrients in the food.  During a detox, this can be temporarily helpful to the body because these vitamins and nutrients can reach the body quickly and be fully absorbed.  However, long term, this can be somewhat harmful.

Nature put natural sweetness and sugar in fruits and veggies so that we would be drawn to eating them and ultimately benefit from their abundance in vitamins and nutrients.  Unfortunately, the sweetness of these gifts of nature has been diminished for our taste buds due to our large intake of refined sugars!  I challenge you to remove all refined sugar in your diet for just a week.  After just a single week of no refined sugar, you will taste the sweetness of a simple apple like you never have before!  This natural sweetness is a wonderful gift when it is consumed in its whole form.  However, when the sweetness is extracted purely as with traditional juicing, without the pulp, it can cause blood sugar imbalance.   This can be detrimental to those with hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, diabetes, adrenal fatigue or even just sugar sensitivity.

I, myself, suffer from sugar sensitivity.  I have to be very cautious about my intake of sugar in ALL forms.  If I let myself go and have too much sugar, even from fruits and veggies, I can turn into an irrational and irritated person aka “The Incredible Hulk.”  Yes, when my husband burrows his eyebrows, rounds his back, deepens his voice and starts to mimic the Incredible Hulk’s famous “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” line, I know that I have crossed my threshold into Hulk territory and that I must have over-done it on sugar somewhere.

My Incredible Hulk has come to surface in the past after juicing beets, spinach, celery and kale.   My unexpected reaction really cautioned me to the impact that drinking straight juice can have on the body.  Even something that is considered HEALTHY CAN BE UNHEALTHY if the body doesn’t respond to it well.  It is important to recognize that veggies and fruit do have fructose and the impact on the body can be an overload when you remove the fiber that nature put in it to slow down the sugar absorption.  In fact, many refined sugars that you buy in the store are processed directly from BEETS. Beets, in whole form, are one of nature’s most nutritious foods provided.  They are very helpful to the liver and gallbladder and provide numerous benefits to your body.  However, beets are very high in natural sugars and can set people off when the pulp is removed.

This leads me to another topic concerning juice.  Parents out there, watch out for your children with juices!  They are sugar bombs.  I can’t tell you how SAD I am whenever I go to Starbucks.  It never fails!  While standing in line, I ALWAYS come across a parent with kids grabbing juice boxes.  Juice boxes and pastries!!!  Parents, how can this be healthy for your kids?  You are feeding them STRAIGHT SUGAR!

Take notice the next time you are in line at Starbucks or a tea/coffee shop.  Shamefully, watch what happens to these kids within a few minutes of eating these foods.  They inevitably get super hyper and start misbehaving or crying.  Then watch as these same parents blame it on bad behavior!  They punish these kids for ACTING UP.    I want to wring these parent’s necks!!!!  How can they not consider the link between what they are feeding their children and their children’s resulting actions?  These parents need to be punished – not their kids – for BAD nutrition and being a BAD PARENT!  This is an entirely different topic, but I can’t help myself from going here at the moment.  Please parents, wake up to what you are feeding your kids.  Watch their reactions after eating foods….your kids may not be just acting-up, rather they may be responding to what YOU gave them to fuel their little bodies.

Alright, back to juicing!  I can’t stress enough how the whole fruit or veggie is truly beneficial to your body.  Most people are extremely deficient in fiber due to their SAD diets.  In traditional juicing, the fiber is removed and this element of the food is very much needed by the body for healthy bowel movements.

Technique is also important to discuss concerning consumption of juice.  Did you know that most of the digestion of carbs that you eat occurs in your MOUTH BEFORE SWALLOWING?  Salivary Amylase is the enzyme that secretes from our saliva to digest carbohydrates that we consume.  If we don’t chew our food enough before swallowing, our carbs go into our stomachs mainly undigested.  This can cause a host of problems for our health, such as LEAKY GUT SYNDROME and bad bacterial overgrowth = CANDIDA.  It is recommended that you chew your food – especially ALL CARBS – for 30 bites prior swallowing.  This is true also for juice!  Instead of just slamming it down through a straw, take a half of a minute and swish it around or CHEW it as long as you can before swallowing.  Let your Salivary Amylase go to work and do its job for you!

So, what is the solution to getting the benefits of juicing but still balancing blood sugar?  Over the past several years, in consulting with holistic nutrition experts as well as through personal experience, I have found the following suggestions to be very helpful when pertaining to juicing:

1)      If juicing in the traditional manner, by removing pulp, only do this temporarily as part of a temporary detox.   In a temporary fashion, this can be beneficial to your body and health.  However, long term is not recommended.

2)      If you love juicing in the traditional way, by removing the pulp, consider adding a Tablespoon of coconut oil to the bottom of the glass you are juicing into.  Stir in the coconut oil prior to drinking.  The added coconut oil is very beneficial to your body, but it also helps to slow down the sugar absorption of the fructose in the fruits/veggies.

3)      Invest in a Blendtec (what I have) or a Vitamix high powered blender.  These blenders have an option of WHOLE JUICING.  Instead of removing the pulp, it will blend the pulp very finely in with the juice and you can make a WHOLE JUICE that contains the pulp, which is very beneficial to you.  I also will add coconut oil to my WHOLE JUICE in order to reap further health benefits as well as help further slowdown the fructose absorption.  Even though there is pulp in WHOLE JUICE, I find the added coconut oil to be very beneficial.

4)      You can FERMENT juice for 3-6 hours prior to drinking by adding some of the contents of a probiotic capsule to the freshly made juice and putting a lid on it (I like to use a standard mason jar for this) and let it sit on your counter for 3-6 hours before drinking.  These beneficial bacteria in the probiotics eat the sugar and create a probiotic by-product that will actually enhance your juice!  This will leave you with a juice that has substantially less sugar plus added probiotics.  Sometimes it even gets a little fizzy carbonation and it becomes a spritzer!  This is delicious!  (Watch out and don’t let it go too long in fermentation – if it does it can become slightly alcoholic because fruit ferments quickly.)

5)      CHEW your juice.  Whether traditional juicing or whole juicing, be sure to swish/chew the juice in your mouth for as long as you can before swallowing.  This ensures adequate digestion.   Let your Salivary Amylase do its job!


Blessings and health,



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