Does Your Baby Have Acid Reflux?

This topic has come up a lot lately both in my practice, as well as in my circle of friends.  Acid reflux is bad enough when it happens to you, but when it happens to your baby, it is even WORSE!

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Unfortunately, out of desperation, many mothers seek relief for their babies through harsh pharmaceuticals.  However, practicing as a Nutritional Therapist, I have successfully dealt with babies suffering from acid reflux through a holistic way without having to put the baby on drugs.  If you have a baby that is suffering, please consider some of the following suggestions:

Food Sensitivities:  The baby having acid reflux is actually a sign of the mother having food allergies and the baby is responding to it. Mothers HAVE to look at their own diet and eliminate any potential food sensitivities.  Remove all gluten and dairy for starters.  You may need to possibly remove more foods if necessary (corn and all corn byproducts, sugar, even possibly eggs). Gluten and dairy are the biggest culprits. This is very important and if mothers want to see results with the baby’s spewing, they will try this immediately.

Digestion:  Babies get nutrients from their mother’s milk.  If a mother isn’t digesting her own food well, the baby will also have digestive complications.  Commonly, with acid reflux in babies, the main cause is the mother’s poor digestion of her own food.  A baby’s digestive tract is still developing for up to 36 months, and it’s normal for children to spit up some of their food as their body learns to digest.  However, the acid reflux and projectile vomiting of a baby is a sure sign of a mother’s food sensitivities.

Body Care Products:  Also please be careful also about what products you put on your skin, as well as on baby’s skin.  Get the chemicals out and use only 100% toxin free body products, if any at all.

Chiropractic Care:  The baby will most certainly benefit from an adjustment and chiropractic care can go a long way to help alleviate acid reflux in babies.  The mother may want to consider an adjustment for her own overall health improvement also.

Other Nutritional Recommendations: 

For the duration of nursing, Mom should be taking a full adult dose of hydrochloric acid (HCL – Betaine Plus HP from Biotics Research) to aid digestion.   Even just taking 3-4 tablets of a low dose hydrochloric acid (like Hydrozyme from Biotics Research) at every meal would help.

Also consider using digestive enzymes in addition to the hydrochloric acid. (Bromelain Plus CLA or Bio6Plus are good choices from Biotics Research).

The mother should also use Vitamin B12.  The dose is not specific as it’s pretty difficult to overdo B12 but a suggestion is a B12-2000 Lozenge 2-3x/day.  I also like Dr. Mercola’s B12 Spray which can be purchased at

Probiotics are also essential for relief.  A suggestion is to put Organic Coconut Oil on the nipple before nursing, sprinkle on some grains of a probiotic supplement (open up a probiotic capsule and sprinkle the contents out onto the skin), and then let baby nurse and receive those nutrients.  Part of developing a baby’s good digestive capabilities is also building their bacterial (probiotic) colonies.  Mom and baby should both use supplemental probiotics.  Dr. Mercola has a great Complete Probiotic supplement that I would also recommend which can be purchased at

Blessings and health,

Jen Herlevi NTP, CHFS


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