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we have been scammed!

Something is very wrong.  Just about everyone you meet, or know for that matter, would most likely confess to being on some sort of “diet.”  We are all following some sort of diet advice and doing it very diligently.  We are living according to the Standard American Diet (SAD) guidelines.  We are told to eat low fat, avoid meat, use vegetable oils, avoid salt, etc…and Americans are doing just that, but something is wrong…something is VERY WRONG.


Today, chronic illness affects over ½ of all Americans.

It isn’t a coincidence that our health is declining because at no other time in American history have we eaten so poorly.  In the US today, 1 in 3 dies of cancer, 1 in 3 has allergies, 1 in 10 will have ulcers, 1 in 5 is mentally ill, 1 in 5 pregnancies are miscarried, and ¼ of a million infants have birth defects.*  Have you ever wondered why there seems to be a fertility clinic on every corner?  It seems like over the past 5 years they have popped up everywhere….have you ever questioned why there are so many people today in this unfortunate circumstance?

Another disorder rising at a horrifying rate is Autism.  A recent statistic claimed that the current Autism rate in 2013 has risen to 1 in 50.  Just 15 years ago, that stat was 1 in 10,000.  10 years ago it was 1 in 1,000.  Then 6 years ago, in 2007, the stat rose to 1 in 150.  Shockingly, just a single year ago in 2012, it again rose to 1 in 88.  Here we are, a year later and we have reached the unnerving statistic that 1 in 50 of our children will be diagnosed on The Spectrum with Autism.**

Why has Autism increased so dramatically from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 50, in just 15 short years? How is it that there is “no known cause” and very little that we know to do to PREVENT the harm that happens to these poor children?  This is NOT acceptable!  Truly, we all should be greatly alarmed!  At this rate, it is safe to say that we are in SERIOUS TROUBLE.  I believe that our declining health, as a result of our declining nutrition, has something to do with this disorder.

The Food Giants are lying to us.

Since the early 1900’s, big Food Giants (food manufacturers) came into existence to make foods that were more convenient, in other words, processed.  The FDA teamed up with these prominent Food Giants to maximize profits.   As a result, they have fed us lies by telling us that enriched processed foods and fake fast foods are fine for us to eat.  They have lied out of corruption – solely for the profit that they make for the sale of these fake processed foods.  Sadly, we have believed their lies.  We have followed their SAD (Standard American Diet) guidelines and we are not better for it!

We eat modern diets full of UNNATURAL FOODS.

We live UNNATURAL lives by being so busy that we can’t even close our eyes at night for 5 hours let alone make dinner – so we drive up to fast food restaurants and fill up on fake Frankenstein “food” (aka pink slime) that looks real and isn’t.  We are UNNATURAL in the way that we exist in a state of stress.  After all, life demands us to wear a lot of hats.  We strive and push ourselves so much to live up to the lie that we can “DO IT ALL”, that we neglect the very foundation of who we are – we neglect our HEALTH.  We don’t take the time to prepare and eat real whole food.  On top of that, we barely even take time to choke down our food as we usually multi-task while eating.  Our health truly suffers due to this insane pace.  You may not realize it at first, just like weight gain that creeps up on you.  One pound doesn’t seem that much, but five pounds later and your jeans are tight!  Health has the same way of declining on you.

The corrupt partnership between the Government and many of our Food Giants is truly scandalous.  The financial profit and gain has created a world filled with misinformation, all so that they can sell more products in order to further deepen their pockets.  They could care less about the well-being of the consumers of their products.  In fact, it is even better for the FDA if we are sick because they also make a profit off of the pharmaceutical industry!  It is no wonder that people are confused about what to listen to and how to eat.  The deep pockets of these Food Giants afford them the ability to market their twisted messages through commercials and advertising and we ignorantly believe them.  They all can’t lie about this type of thing, right?  The FDA wouldn’t let them, right?  WRONG!  Yes, your child’s cereal, filled with sugar and artificial food dyed marshmallows may have been enriched with vitamins, but your child’s body can’t process the synthetic vitamins and they are not even absorbed in the body.  So, it is FALSE advertising.  This is just one of the million lies out there.

Ditch the SAD

It is my goal to shed true light on nutrition and clear up the cloudiness of the misinformation you have been given.  My certification was received from Immunitrition and Nutritional Therapy Association. These organizations base their principles founded by nutritional pioneers such as Weston A. Price, Frances Pottenger and Royal Lee.  These nutritional pioneers dedicated their lives to researching and documenting what optimal nutrition should look like.   I will share with you truth derived from these great sources.

All of the clear and concise nutrition information that I will share will be backed with sound clinical evidence.  Join me as I share the truth concerning health and nutrition.  I will help you Ditch the SAD and instead experience optimal Health, Healing, Hope & Happiness through nutrition.

*Referenced:  “Nourishing Traditions.” by Sally Fallon

**Referenced:  Dr. Mercola – http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/04/02/autism-rates.aspx

My Story


Just like most Americans, I grew up living on the SAD.  As a child, McDonalds was my favorite restaurant.  In fact, my very first pet, a Cockatiel Bird, was named after my favorite place.  We called him MAC. Seriously…..!

The truly sad part was that I know my mother fed me what she thought to be healthy.  No one knew any better.  How could food not be FOOD????   Actually, I had a healthier diet than most of my friends.  Yes, we were allowed Kool Aid, fast foods, some candy and bakery type treats.  However, we weren’t allowed sugary cereals and my mother was one of the few among the mothers of my friends that actually made nutritious homemade dinners almost every night.

Living the SAD lifestyle, I quickly found myself a true fan of sugar.  In fact, I wasn’t just a fan, I was an addict.  Skittles and M&M’s were my favorite.  I can’t imagine how much food coloring I ingested during this time in my life!  As a teenager, I would skip eating lunch at school and just eat candy most days (unbeknownst to my mother, of course).

I also loved fast food.  It was a treat to go to Taco Bell, or any other fast food drive-through.  I wasn’t picky… I was a true junk food junky!  The resilience of my youth kept me functioning for the most part during this time.  Although, I didn’t escape without some consequences, I experienced a lot of emotional outbursts which I now am most certain, were due to my lack of nutrition during this period of my life.

In college, I didn’t get much better.   In fact, I was like many college students out there = broke!  As a result, I ate as cheaply as possible.  I lived on diet coke, ramen noodles, cereal, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bagels, frozen yogurt, ice cream, fast food and pizza.  I did eat the occasional salad here and there, but that was a rare occurrence.  Needless to say, I had terrible acne and felt fatigued through most of those years!  Youth kept me going though, and I really didn’t have much further impact on my health at that time….

That all changed in my late twenties and early thirties.  I was living a fast paced life working in Healthcare Sales.  I spent time in Pharmaceutical Sales with multiple drugs and in Medical Device Sales with Cardiovascular products and Pacemakers.  As I had matured, I had transitioned my diet to eating more “whole” meals that included eggs and meat regularly.  However, I still was addicted to sugar and couldn’t get through the day without some sort of candy by my side.  Whether I was snacking on Hot Tamales or a Snickers bar, I always had something nearby.  I found that this sugar helped me stay up and pull all-nighters so that I could study for my job or so I could respond to the page that came in the middle of the night for one of our patients with a pacemaker.

The irony is that I always stayed fairly slim throughout my life.  I was very weight conscious so I watched how much I ate.  Yes, I filled my day with mostly junk food; however I didn’t eat a ton of it so my weight stayed stable.  I certainly wasn’t eating nutritious food to counter the junk.  From the outside, I looked healthy and great, but on the inside something else was going on….

In my early thirties I started really “not feeling right.”  I couldn’t quite pinpoint what didn’t feel right.  I just knew that I didn’t feel right.  I started to notice that I was developing strange symptoms.  I got blurry vision, headaches, a numb tingling sensation in my arms and legs, intestinal issues, strange rashes on my body and I even developed oral thrush!  I went to several doctors and being in the Medical Industry, I thought I knew the best doctors to go to.

Not a single doctor could find anything wrong.  The typical response was that I needed to “get some rest”….that I should just “take it easy.”  I became so frustrated because as they were telling me these empty suggestions, I could literally feel my body falling apart.  The fact that I “looked healthy” seemed to hurt my ability to be taken seriously by my doctors as they seemed to just write off my condition as a result of stress and the wear and tear of the daily grind….

Out of frustration, I started my own research on my symptoms.  I typed in “Oral Thrush” in Google’s search engine, and Candida popped up.  As I researched Candida, I found that I was experiencing many symptoms of this disorder.  I didn’t have the typical “female” symptoms of Candida, I had SYSTEMIC symptoms instead.  I figured my OBGYN would be the best expert to consult with this as they had the most experience in dealing with Candida since it tended to manifest itself as a female infection.  Truthfully, I was desperately looking for some magic pill to make everything better and fix my issues.

My OBGYN conducted the normal “female” Candida test on me and when it came back she said that I didn’t have it.  That I should just get more rest and take it easy!!!  Of course the typical “female” test wouldn’t show that I had Candida.  I didn’t have THAT symptom!  Candida wasn’t manifesting itself in my body in that way.  I had the SYSTEMIC symptoms, but they didn’t have a test for that!

I was at the end of my rope.  In my research it stated that Candida often times would occur in conjunction with many other serious disorders.  I seriously believed that I was dying or that I was on my way to getting a severe Autoimmune disorder like Multiple Sclerosis.

I was desperate.  I did the last thing that I could do.  I followed the diet guidelines that I discovered in my own research about eliminating Candida.  I was so sick that I didn’t even feel depressed over the VERY RESTRICTIVE diet recommendations.  The night before I started the Candida diet, I stopped at my favorite fast food restaurant, McDonalds, and got a double cheeseburger, small fry and diet coke.  That was my final meal that I ate living the SAD – Standard American Diet.

The next day I changed everything, cold turkey.  I eliminated gluten completely.  I eliminated refined sugars completely!  The only things that I ate were animal proteins, gluten free oats, nuts, veggies, plain organic full fat yogurt, small amounts of rice and some fruit. Even though fruit was in general forbidden, I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of at least one type of sweet in my diet. (Knowing what I know now, organic fruit offers many vitamins and minerals and if consumed in moderation is very healthful to your body.)  I also took strong probiotic supplements during this time, as recommended by much of my research.

Needless to say, I went through an extreme detox.  What I found to be most shocking was after only 2 days of following this plan, my vision became clear!  I stopped getting tingling feelings in my arms and legs, my rash went away, my headaches stopped and my oral thrush was completely gone!  I could finally sleep well!  I actually developed energy that I had never had before.  It was the most incredible and extreme change that I had ever experienced in my lifetime.  Truly, I was hooked on nutrition and natural remedies from that point on.

As I continued on my quest for knowledge, I learned of the scandal and lies that we are being fed by the FDA and the Food Giants (predominant food manufacturers).  I became angry!  I looked around at all of the people who were TRYING to be healthy, who were listening to the lies and instead were getting unhealthier by the minute!  In fact, I saw a lot of these sick people as I was a Medical Rep and many were not getting better, they were getting progressively worse.

I continued to scratch and claw for information.  When I read that Candida was prevalent in all Autistic children, I became worried that I was setting up my future children for this horrible disorder.  After all, wouldn’t it make sense that if I had Candida, my children might get Candida also?

Desperate to find out all that I could about wellness, I chose to leave the Medical Sales world and gained certifications as a Healing Foods Specialist and as a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner.  I never dreamed that my life would have taken this course.  However, information is so hard to come by and the TRUTH in nutrition seemed impossible to uncover any other way.   I wasn’t satisfied with little bits of information here and there; I wanted to KNOW the truth.

Following the principles that I have learned in my studies, I can truly say that I have never been healthier.   I have since expanded my diet in some ways, but mostly stick to the principles from the initial cleansing diet.  Personally, I have found that works for me.  However, I believe in bio-individuality and what works for one person may not work for another, so everyone needs to discover their best nutrition plan within the realm of a few foundational principles that I will share with you.

I am so thankful and feel blessed for the information that I have received because I am no longer hopeless.  As they say, “Knowledge is power!”  Although, at times I do believe, “Ignorance is Bliss”!  When you know something, you actually have accountability to it.  That accountability can be challenging at times, but I can promise you that it is very rewarding.  What it offers you is control.  Control over your health through how you choose to nourish your body.

My goal is to help share Health, Healing, Hope & Happiness with others who may be suffering from an ailment due to nutritional issues.  I know how hard it is to get answers and find information concerning nutrition and healing.  I want to make your journey easier than mine was!  I have been where you are.  I know that the journey towards wellness is challenging.  However, over these past several years I have experimented with endless recipes and foods to help successfully replace many of the foods that people are resistant to giving up, even though they know these foods are bad for them.  In my certification, I was taught a principle to never eliminate a food without replacing it with a healthy substitution.  I will help you not feel deprived through your transition and into a new way of life.

If you choose to make the commitment to Ditching the SAD, you will actually feel satisfied and balanced after eating a meal.  You will break the vicious cycle of guilt with eating.  Be prepared…as you Ditch the SAD….you will experience an increase in Health, Healing, Hope & Happiness!  You will live life to the fullest!

Blessings and health,

Jen Herlevi CHFS, NTP

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