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CHEW Your Juice! Why JUICING Might Not Be The Best For You…..

Juicing…the fad that will always be in vogue!  Many of us have been there.   We have felt unhealthy due to over-indulgence in not-so-healthy foods or beverages, so we have sought out a magical remedy to fix the problem.  Many find … Read the rest >>


Does Your Baby Have Acid Reflux?

This topic has come up a lot lately both in my practice, as well as in my circle of friends.  Acid reflux is bad enough when it happens to you, but when it happens to your baby, it is even … Read the rest >>


Are you the PROACTIVE or the REACTIVE Type?

Wow!  It has been a busy couple of weeks for me.  We have been in the middle of finally moving into a home that we have been renovating for the past 7 months.  Anyone out there who has ever moved … Read the rest >>


Sugar’s NOT So Sweet Side – Why It Hurts Your IMMUNE SYSTEM

Have you ever noticed how everyone seems to get sick around the fall or start to winter?  Before I worked in the medical industry, I always chalked this winter time sickness up to the change in weather for the winter … Read the rest >>


Fat Friday – Clearing Up Confusion on Types of Fat

Happy Fat Friday!!!

There is a lot of confusion out there concerning fat.  A devastating mistake recently occurred in the fast food and restaurant world!  Tragically,  during the misguided crusade to get  Saturated fats out of fast food, the industry … Read the rest >>


The Not So Skinny on Sugar – Why it makes you FAT

As I am sitting here, writing this post, I am enjoying an amazingly rich brownie and I don’t have an ounce of guilt about it!  This brownie is one that I just made…and it isn’t filled with anything bad for … Read the rest >>


America’s Sugar Crisis – A STICKY Subject!

Oh my, whenever this topic comes up it seems to instantly create anxiety for my clients.   I completely understand their fear, being that I used to be the biggest sugar addict out there!  The topic of sugar really is a … Read the rest >>


The Scoop on Poop – The Grand Finale to Digestion!

Do you happen to have a pet?  Have you ever noticed how right after feeding them, they ALWAYS have to head to the litter box or need to be taken out to “do their business?”   This is perfect example of … Read the rest >>


Digestion: Food & Farting – Why IT Happens!

A great friend of mine recently called me to tell me how she has been changing her diet and eating better.  She started by telling me what she had made for breakfast that morning.  She chose to make scrambled eggs … Read the rest >>


FAT FRIDAY – Why FAT is GOOD for You!

It is FAT FRIDAY!  Every Friday I will cover the topic of FATS.  I feel that FAT has earned the right to have a full day of attention – every single week.

Just the other day, I received a … Read the rest >>

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