Balance each of your meals with a ratio of 40% carbohydrate / 30% protein / 30% healthy fat.

This ratio actually mirrors the Paleolithic/Caveman portions of our ancient ancestors. If you stick within this ratio, you will feel satisfied and nourished after your meals.

However, please note that everyone is different = bioindividuality. Some people do better with slight variations. Some need slightly more protein and slightly less carbs, or vice versa and the same holds true with fat ratios. It is important to listen to your body as you experiment with these ratios and see how you respond. Your body will tell you what it needs by the way that you feel.

It is interesting to note that people generally do well with their ancestral diets. Take a look at your heritage. Are you Irish, German, Italian, Asian, African, Russian, Finnish etc. in descent? Do some research on the native diet of your ancestors and try to incorporate those foods into your daily intake. You might be surprised to see how well you thrive.

Although, please note that the quality of your ancestral foods may be higher than what we have here in America. For instance, the grains used in Italy are far superior to the grains in the USA. When people visit Italy they are often surprised to find that they can tolerate grain products well (such as pasta) whereas they have problems with the same products in the USA. You may still have to avoid certain foods such as gluten/grains in the USA even though they may have been part of your ancestral diet.

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