Eat every 3-4 hours at a minimum.

This keeps your body balanced and your blood sugar in line! In general, if you are eating balanced at EACH meal/snack (40% Carbs/30% Protein/30% Fat) you will FEEL full when you have eaten the right amount.

However, while living the SAD way, people tend to become disconnected with their feelings of fullness. To help during your transition as you learn to listen to your body again, try to portion your meals according to the size of your fist.

Your palm of your hand laid out flat is the size of protein you should be getting and your fist size should be the size of carb you are consuming at each meal.

As long as you are choosing foods like full fat yogurt and healthy protein options, your fat intake will also generally be in alignment just by choosing your carb and protein portions in this way.

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