Incorporate a variety of fermented foods into your daily diet.

Probiotic-rich fermented foods help build your immune system. Additionally, they are instrumental in helping your body utilize and make vitamins. As a bonus, they taste great and also help curb sugar cravings! (Did you know that cheese, wine and chocolate are by-products of fermentation?)

Fermentation is easy. In summary, fermentation is a process that occurs naturally on a food that is submerged in brine such as salt water. Lactobacilli are friendly bacteria that replicate in this environment and when you eat the food that is fermented, you get benefits of these healthy bacteria to your digestive tract and to your immune system.

These bacteria, along with countless other strains, are also known as probiotics. Instead of taking a probiotic supplement, you will benefit from living strains of probiotics through eating fermented foods. They will work wonders on your well-being!

Fermentation is a practice that has been in place for 1000’s of years. I will guide you with recipes and instructions to incorporate probiotic rich foods into your diet. Until you start learning how to make your own, start getting probiotics into your diet through buying the following options at the store:

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