Week 16


Replace With

Purchased Bakery/Pastries:





Donuts etc….

(with trans fats, gluten and refined sugars)

IN MODERATION/OCCASIONAL TREATS = Gluten Free (Grain Free for some people) & Refined Sugar Free Desserts.

Look for desserts sweetened only with Honey, Maple Syrup, Dates, Stevia, Molasses, Coconut Sugar or Fruit.

Whole Foods has some in their bakery case already made. Most of the time these types of desserts are classified as RAW Desserts. (Just check to make sure they don’t have any Soy or Soy products in them….)

If you want to search recipes that are easy that you can make at home, search RAW Desserts in your search engine on the Internet and you will get some great ideas.

Also, follow me on Pinterest. I have amazing dessert recipes that are gluten/grain free and naturally sweetened.

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