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Further your journey towards optimal health.  Join Ditch the SAD and learn valuable health tips to transition away from the SAD (Standard American Diet).  Take a look around you…do people seem healthy and vibrant living with the SAD?  Of course not!  Why be just standard when you can be VIBRANT and HAVE A HEALTHY LIFE

As an INTRODUCTORY OFFER of only $12 a year (only $1 a month) you will gain valuable tools to help easily transition away from the SAD to a new lifestyle full of HEALING, HEALTH, HOPE & HAPPINESS.

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Ditch the SAD Transition Plan

This is a detailed description showing how to easily transition from a SAD lifestyle to a VIBRANT one in a very simple way.  It is a process of slow changes, over a 5 month period, to help you adopt a whole food nutrient dense diet.

Unlike crash diets full of deprivation, you will find this plan to be enjoyable.  I will show you how to look at food in a different way.  On this plan, instead of looking at what you can’t have – I will show you how look at what you CAN have.

I will share with you great REPLACEMENTS & SUBSTITUTIONS for foods in the SAD diet that should be avoided.  This will help you feel good about the changes you are making while not feeling deprived.

Weekly Meal & Activity Plans

I truly believe in the importance of planning!  In this section, we will focus on building a weekly plan.

I will share my weekly meal plan with you, along with my physical and mental/spiritual activity.  This can be used as a guide and template to help you plan your week.  Develop the habit of good planning!

Help Along The Way

As a member, you can email me and discuss your journey.  I will share tips to personally help you during your transition towards a whole foods diet.

Monthly Book Review

At the start of each month a book will be recommended for you to read concerning health and nutrition.  You will notice this book on our home page.   As a MEMBER to Ditch the SAD, you will have access to my book review and overall thoughts concerning the book.

Prenatal Tips

I have a passion for prenatal care and for pregnancy health.  In this section, MEMBERS will have access to tips and information concerning optimizing health during this miraculous time!


I will post recipes in this section to share with you some delicious and nutrient rich meals….desserts will be included too!

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