Meal / Activity Plans

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

Plan Ahead

Sundays prove to be my prep day for the week. In general, this is the day that I plan out my meals for the up & coming week and I also do my grocery shopping.

At our house, we have a constant supply of both hard-boiled eggs and bone broth at all times. In order to keep our supply stocked, I also prep these items for the week on my Sunday prep day. I make at least dozen hard boiled eggs, pre-peel them and store them in individual containers so that they are ready to go when needed.

We maintain our constant supply of bone broth with our crock-pot. Bone broth is a very healing food to the intestines, is packed full of minerals and really helps support the immune system. At our house, we all have at least a cup every day. Even our cats get a portion! We have broth simmering in our crock-pot on low all week long. Every Sunday I put a fresh organic pastured whole chicken in the crock pot. I cover it will filtered water and let it cook on low for 8 hours. I remove the meat from the bones, put the bones back in the crock pot and continue to simmer them all week long. When I want some broth, I take a cup of it from the crock-pot and then I replace whatever I took out with equal amounts of fresh filtered water. This has proved to be a great method to always have this healing food on hand.

When an extra busy week lies ahead, I will prep most of my meals in advance on Sunday. This type of prep and planning helps to stay on top of good nutrition even during the most hectic days!

Sundays are not only for planning our meals….I also plan out my physical fitness activities and my meditation/prayer time for the upcoming week. By scheduling these things for yourself in your calendar, you really are making health a priority in your life. Remember…no matter how busy you are…YOU ARE WORTH IT! Your body, mind and spirit will function optimally in life if you take care of it.

Tips & Tricks Surrounding Meal Plans:

Take a look at what I am planning and copy away if you would like.  (NOTE:  A lot of my recipes can be found on my Pinterest Page.)  Click on the links to the right of the page in the box titled “the plans for the week.” When you see *D* next to a meal in my plan, it stands for a DOUBLE. A DOUBLE is a DOUBLE BATCH. Whenever you can, make a DOUBLE of a meal that freezes well. Freeze one batch for future use when an extra hectic day hits and you don’t feel like cooking. Hey….life happens!

This is a great system when planning for periods in life that are particularly busy, such as the holiday season and the month of December. Start in August. Make extra DOUBLE meals (maybe even TRIPLES) through November. By the time December rolls around, dinners will already be made and ready to go for the month. This system will manage healthy meals during the chaos of the season. December’s food budget will also be saved since most meals will already be made. The extra money saved can go towards celebrating the holiday.

When making dinner, try to make extra protein for the following day to make lunches or snacks. You will notice that I do this often in my meal plans….

Make dinner at breakfast each day. It may seem like a strange concept; however, this simple trick has saved the day many times over. Dinner will be mostly ready and can easily be thrown together no matter how crazy the day gets.

Use your crock-pot. I actually have 4 crock-pots! I use them ALL of the time. These wonderful inventions have a way of making a person feel taken care of and nurtured. For once, someone (or should I say SOMETHING) else makes YOU dinner!

Cooking with these amazing appliances brings a sense of true satisfaction. There is nothing like coming home to a warm, home-cooked meal, all ready to go after a long day. Just throw everything in your crock-pot at breakfast, set it on low and you are good to go by dinner time. Crock-pots really come in handy when you need a break from cooking but don’t want to sacrifice nutrition by eating take-out.

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