Restaurant Survival Guide

you CAN eat out!

It is almost impossible to avoid restaurants every now and again.  Just know that when you go to a restaurant it is highly likely that you are NOT getting healthy fats or high quality organic meats/produce.  Even high-end restaurants want to maximize their profit so they purchase the cheapest foods to serve you.  Try to do your best in these situations…enjoy being served….and then be extra good at your next meal!




Italian Gluten Free Pasta Dishes made with Rice Pasta (many restaurants now have this) / Meat Entrees / Salads

(Avoid normal pasta and bread sticks and breaded items like Zucchini or Chicken Parmesan)

Pizza Try to get a Gluten Free Crust or just eat the Toppings without the Crust / Salad
Mexican Burrito Bowls without the Tortilla / Fajitas without the Tortilla / Salsa & Guacamole dipped with Veggies (Order a House Salad with your Guacamole and just use that if they won’t give you Veggie Slices)

(Note: you can also bring your own organic corn tortillas and chips and just ask for an empty basket to put them in – restaurants will accommodate)

Asian Sushi with Gluten Free Organic Soy Sauce / Any Rice Dish without the Sauce

(Most of the sauces are very loaded with sugar!)

Seafood Most wild caught seafood is fine. Stay away from breaded seafood and stay away from the sauces. 

Baked/Broiled seafood is best and ask for a Wild Caught option (Note: When ordering Salmon ask for Wild Alaskan Salmon)

Imported Catfish
Atlantic Cod
American Eel
Imported Shrimp
Atlantic Flat Fish
Atlantic Salmon (BOTH Wild & Farmed)
Imported King Crab
Orange Roughy
Atlantic BlueFin Tuna

American/Breakfast You can never go wrong with Eggs, Bacon and Hash Browns (Note: Most restaurants don’t use organic items or healthy oils for cooking. Just do the best that you can in these situations.)Skip the Pancakes and order Oatmeal instead! (Also, watch the omelets…a lot of places will put pancake batter in the omelet…strange, right?)

BURGERS – A lot of places are serving Grass-Fed Organic Burgers now! Yay!  Just ask for it to be wrapped in lettuce instead of served in a bun.

Steakhouse Steak! Steak! Steak! (Grass Fed is Ideal)

A Nice Piece of Wild Caught Seafood with Veggies

Deli Salad / Naked Sandwich (without the bread – try lettuce wraps instead!)
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