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I am a Certified Healing Foods Specialist and a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner, and offer Nutritional Therapy Counseling, Classes, as well as Pantry Clean-up/Shopping and Restocking.

Nutritional Therapy Counseling

I focus on optimizing your health through nutrition. Everyone’s needs are different and I will conduct an analysis on you based on your bio-individual needs. A customized plan will be designed specifically for you and your health needs. Whether you are dealing with a modern day ailment (such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer or autoimmune disease), preparing for pregnancy, want to prevent disease or just want to lose weight….I will team up with you to help you achieve optimal wellness and reach your goals.

I am currently taking new clients but may have a short waiting list due to my current client load. I will do my best to minimize wait time. However, I want to ensure that I give appropriate time and attention to current clients to help them achieve their goals. When you become a client, be assured that I will place the same priority on you, also!


Private and Group Classes are available at a time of your convenience. I can conduct classes on the following:

Homemade Yogurts
Condiments (such as Ketchup, Mustard, BBQ Sauce, Mayo, Pickles, Jalapeños, Hot Sauce etc…)
Homemade Cultured Butter
Water Kefir (tastes like a fizzy soda treat but it is healthy)
Coconut Kefir (a wonderful electrolyte fizzy and refreshing beverage)
Milk Kefir (great in smoothies!)
Kombucha Tea
Fruit Ferments (such as Apple Sauces, Berry Chutneys etc…)
Veggie Ferments (such as Salsa, Carrots, Peppers, Krauts)

I also have organized classes on the EVENTS page of this site. Some events will be conducted as webcams, local classes in the Austin area and local farm tours.

Pantry Clean-Up/Shopping & Re-Stocking

I will personally come to your home and help you find substitutes for some of the unhealthy processed foods that you may have.

Instead of eliminating anything and telling you to eliminate foods that you may be used to, we will find healthy substitutions and replace less optimal foods with healthy delicious choices that you will enjoy eating. These replacements will taste great, satisfy you, nourish your body and make you feel fabulous!

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